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Dr. Chantel E. Wright

Uncompromised Passion
to see Humanity win
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Dr. Chantel R. Wright

Uncompromised Passion
to see Humanity win

Bishop Dr. Chantel R. Wright is an internationally renowned choir director with an esteemed career in music and education.

     She has served at Ebenezer Baptist Church, taught in Dekalb County Public Schools, directed the Girls Choir of Harlem, and founded the nonprofit ensemble Songs of Solomon, performing with stars like Earth Wind and Fire, the late Aretha Franklin and Elton John.

    Her efforts extend to nurturing musicians through Carnegie Hall and Met Opera programs, and pioneering work in sight singing workshops with SAG-AFTRA and contributed to tours for visitors with visual impairments at the Guggenheim Museum.

     She teaches at New York University, inspiring future musical talent. Her accolades include the New York Times Teachers Who Matters Most Award, Ebony Ecumenical Ensemble Community Service Award, Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist Community Service Award, and a service award from The Administration for Child Services.

     A licensed and ordained Bishop, she preaches in NYC through Reach Covenant. Her spiritual leadership, combined with her commitment to fostering musical talent, makes her a remarkable figure in the worlds of music, education, community service, and faith. Her life's work continues to touch and transform countless lives around the world.

Reach Covenant

REACH COVENANT MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL is committed to OBEDIENCE TO THE Holy Spirit.  Through His power, we commit to be the CHURCH, the prepared Bride in all that we do. Our five-fold gifts equip us to reach, teach, serve, and equip ALL for the works of ministry. We strive to love ALL those who are hurting, to bind up the brokenhearted, and to teach the good news to those who do not know that Jesus Saves. Through prayer and obedience, we stand mature, in unity, to do the works of ministry.  Reach is committed to compassion, love that will set the captives free, and make disciples.  

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Reach covenant
Songs of Solomon

Led by Bishop Dr. Chantel R. Wright, "Songs of Solomon, The Next Generation" unites voices in a transformative musical journey. With melodies that resonate and connections that uplift, this initiative fosters joy and community through inspirational music.

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Bishop Dr. Chantel R. Write

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To uplift the spirits of men and women, Bishop initiated the 'Team 21' daily prayer, which is broadcasted at 9:30am on the Pneuma-Reach Ministries Facebook page. Since it's believed that it takes 21 days to form a habit, you are warmly invited to strengthen your prayer life. 


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